Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Something For Me

I'm not much of a contest person. I seldom ever enter anything and when I do I don't exactly advertise it. So, for those Facebook contests where you need like a billion "likes" to win, I'm lucky if I ever get one "like". I'm not against contests, I just don't exactly make the efforts to win them so I don't bother. I guess you could say I'm not much of a self promoter. It is probably a good reason why I only have a handful of followers on this blog where other similar blogs have tons of followers.

I write this blog kind of like a diary but also to send out a message. Some of my posts are just me letting off some steam. Others are me trying to explain something that could be helpful to others. I'm okay with being one of the little people so to speak in the World of PTSD and Caregiving. I get to pass on some of my wisdom and help in smaller ways while still also maintaining some of my privacy.

In fact as a side note I was sent an e-mail last week from a CNN reporter wanting to talk to me regarding my experience as a Caregiver and using the VA Caregiver Program. I e-mailed her back but haven't heard anything further. Part of me doesn't expect to hear anymore. Another part wonders if I will hear something. Honestly, whether I do get contacted again or not I was just surprised I was even contacted at all. Not that I don't believe my words aren't getting around even in some small way, just that I didn't figure my words reached quite that far that a CNN reporter would be interested in talking to me.

Anyway, I digress.

Back to me and contests.

I actually entered one of those "Like my Photo" Facebook contests recently, but I doubt anyone really knew. As I said above, I don't advertise that I do those things when I do them. By the end of the contest I had 2 "likes". The top two photos had 274 and 269 "likes", just to give some perspective. Was I upset? No, because I pretty much figured if I didn't bother to get out there and get people to "like" my photo then how could I expect to win?

Well about a month ago a new Facebook page was created called Care-Packages By Kate. It was set up by this lovely lady who thought it would be an awesome thing to help boost Caregiver morale by doing giveaways of care packages. I mean honestly, who doesn't like free goodies of the "pick me up" variety? She started it completely out of her own pocket and within a month as expanded so much she gets donations and such now to help create these care packages. She has even done some for the disabled veterans too.

Now speaking as a Caregiver who doesn't get out much, this page helps bring a sense of togetherness that is very much needed for many. I don't mean just with support but in a more being social sense. When she does the giveaways she always has you answer a question that gives a bit of insight to yourself. She also has you check out other support pages and helps with spreading more awareness for disabled veterans and their loved ones. I mean I could be having an absolutely horrible day but when I see one of her giveaways go up it really just boosts one mood even for a few minutes.

Anyway, the reason I am bringing this up is because since her page has become so popular she decided to do the first ever Beautiful Caregivers Pageant. Here is a video advertising the event.

She even wrote up a blog post giving all of the details and such, which you can find here.

Now I'm going to be honest here. I have never dealt with pageants and so I don't know much about them. I know what little I have come across based on reality shows like "Toddlers & Tiaras", but even then it is very limited knowledge as I don't watch the shows. The thing is the Beautiful Caregivers Pageant isn't about being the prettiest or the most talented. It is about being yourself and loving yourself. It's about showing off your inner beauty as well as your outer beauty.

Now that is something I can get behind!

So, I decided that I would enter it. I've already filled out the registration questions and sent them in. Once I get paid at the end of the week I shall send in my deposit fee. This is one of those chances to do something for myself. Even Sean will tell you I don't do for me nearly as much as I do for him and the children. I will more often than not sacrifice something for myself so that my family can have something they need or want. I've always felt their happiness was important and if they were happy then I would be. About the only thing I would really indulge in for myself are my Damsel Corsets and well if anyone remembers this blog post from two years ago, then you will know those are necessary for my sanity and to keep me going! Plus I feel ever since overcoming my Chemical Burn issue from a couple years ago I deserve something fun like this to show off on.

I know Sean is supportive of me entering and I do feel that it will be fun and I can get his and the children's help on it!

Really though, if you are a Caregiver to a disabled veteran or you know someone who is I would definitely check out the above Facebook page and even the pageant too!

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